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Kids Grow & Walnut Lavender Fudge

September 08, 2014

A few weeks ago I spent a day with a wonderful organization called "Kids Grow" - a children's program that encourages interest in gardening and takes place in local community gardens. I spoke to the kids and their parents about Naturopathic Medicine and brought lots of herbs to explore, homemade pink lemonade (big hit!) and yummy treats. One of the treats I brought was "Raw Lavender Walnut Coconut Fudge" - a recipe I found on Mountain Rose Herb's Blog - http://mountainroseblog.com/lavender-walnut-milk-fudge-treats/. After the event, I received a number of requests for the recipe, so I decided to post it right to my blog. Enjoy!   Walnut Milk: 1 cup walnuts 1/2 cup dried lavender flowers 1 tsp vanilla extract 4 cups...

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Good Bugs in the Placenta

May 22, 2014

An article was published this past Wednesday in “Science Translational Medicine” entitled “The Placenta Harbors a Unique Microbiome”. The researchers collected placentas from 320 subjects and analyzed DNA to accurately identify which strains of microbial life were present.

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Review of "Breastmilk: The Movie"

April 29, 2014

 Last night I attended a special screening of “Breastmilk: The Movie” 
 organized by the Calgary Breastfeeding Matters Group Foundation.
 I was very excited to see this film since I recently completed an
 18 hour course on breastfeeding for health care professionals and
 feel strongly about this issue.

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The Dirty Truth about Krill Oil

April 07, 2014

  For the past few weeks there has been a deluge of advertising
  for Jamieson Omega-3 Super Krill Oil. These ads claim that Krill
  is the new, advanced source for healthy omega-3s, addressing
  cardiovascular concerns and joint discomforts. 
  But are they telling the whole story?

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